3 gedachten over “Oprah Winfrey herdenkt Nelson Mandela

  • W.Jansen

    I followed Nelson Mandela since his prison time a long time ago. He always was my Hero, In my opinion the only honest man, of all the leaders in this world.

    Thank you Mr. Mandela

    R.I.P. !

  • Trudie Schokker=Niehaus

    My deepest sympathy goes to his wfie Grace and all his children we don1t look back to the past we only apprediate the good he has done. May he r.i.p. and may his family find comfort in all he has left behind in word and deeds through their years together. His soul is now with his heavenly farther where there is no pain or suffering. God keep his family with peace at heart. God bless you all.

  • Trudie Schokker=Niehaus

    I know the whole world moarns with you I know we here in Holland does. I was a born and bred South Afrika.

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